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Our solution is optimized to significantly reduce manual work, increase efficiency, reduce risks and expenses. Thanks to this, we can tailor your specific app just in a few weeks.

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We build powerful apps with reasonable pricing that’s far below market rates. Moreover, our perfect solution can save money after your app is built. Ongoing cost for updates, maintenance, infrastructure is reduced significantly.

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We aim to help you bring ideas to life with perfect solutions. Let our cases inspire you!

Money saving with pre-built cloud platform

Instead of building from scratch, we utilized all modules and components we’ve developed  and maintained over years to save money, save time and increase stability for customer.

Check our demos below and see which you can use right away for your next application. 

Media Slider   

A free signage app that allows user to upload media content via smart phones and laptops.


Cloud Signage  

A cloud based solution to manage and distribute contents to large quantity of screens.


Visitor Analyzer

Traffic tracking software that utilizes facial tracking technology to record data and provide comprehensive reports of visitors’ activities.


Face Attendance   

A cloud-based time tracking system that utilize facial recognition to collect timesheet and simplify your payroll process


POS Retail

A Point Of Sale system specifically designed to record, execute and analyze purchase orders in retail industry.

POS Restaurant

Automate and digitalize your restaurant’s operations with our Point Of Sale Restaurant solution.

Social Feed

A standalone app that can pull contents from social media network platform.


A CRM system helps you stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Customer Testimonials

Instead of POS solution available on the market, we need a better and more efficient solution that can be customized for local marketing. Gigasource team created for us a user-friendly design with very clear navigation”

Rit Leslie

Rit Leslie

National Manager at AMS Retail Solutions Inc

“Once I see Gigasource, I found solution I need. I’ve been able to get deeper insight into potential customers via face analysis, close more deals, and reduce a lot of time on what I would have been able to on my old platform.”

Allison Lee

Allison Lee

Founder and CEO of Hemster

Giga team customized digital signage software for us very fast and effectively. It saves a lot of time and effort. Thanks to this, we can broadcast information to each store from the comfort of our office”

Brooke Barnato

Brooke Barnato

CEO at Vital Style

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