Your Companion In Software Development

Who we are

GIGASOURCE is a full-service product development company that work on a wide range of technologies ranging from open source to proprietary and custom built solutions. 

We work hand-in-hand with enterprises and startups at all stages of software development to bring their ideas to life as quick as possible. At our core, we believe in building long-lasting strategic relationships with our clients by exceeding expectations.

Our Founding

GIGASOURCE was founded in 2015, in Germany. It was originally named as GIGAORDER and started with one core product which was a point-of-sale standalone software. Our product was widely recognized and supported by many local restaurant owners since it was well-fitted their specific needs.

The daunting process of solving client’s hardest puzzles leads us to explore our core strength, and later on becomes the essence of the whole team, which is to create high-quality, scalable software solutions. We own an efficient technology that minimize bugs, easy to maintain and scalable for future expansion.

What we believe

Our mission is to nurture talents and offer finest products that allow your business to thrive.


At GIGASOURCE, human are our most valuable assets and we respect the diversity of people who come from all kinds of background. We truly believe that learning is a lifelong process that no one should ever stop. Knowledge accumulating and sharing is one of driving forces for our development and that how we can bring your great ideas to excellent products.

Some Interesting Facts