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8+ Best Restaurant Ordering App Free & Premium

1. Restaurant Online Ordering App Free By Gigasource

With Gigasource, your mobile app will be unique in the mobile world. Customize it with your logo, colors, menu & content & engage customers with your own brand.

  • Unbelievably fast ordering
  • More orders with push notifications
  • Customized to your need
  • Discount engine (custom)
  • Customizable menu items
  • Flexible Payment(custom)
  • Real-time order
  • Feedback system (custom)
  • Complete Order Analytics (custom)
  • Receiving orders via Mobile App (custom)

Pricing: Free Download

restaurant ordering app free GIGASOURCE

2. Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants By gloriafood

This free online ordering app allows you to receive online orders from your website and Facebook page directly on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Restaurant order taking app
  • Real-time notification on your device
  • Real time order confirmation
  • Print accepted orders directly from the app

Pricing: Free Download

restaurant ordering app free BY GLORIA

3. Free Online Food Ordering System For Restaurant Business By Ontabee

Get a mobile application with custom-built for iOS & Android platforms in a shorter time. Create an aesthetic and professional mobile ordering app for your restaurant on your brand name and logo, with affordable price and customizable structure.

  • The user can order through the mobile app and also can track the delivery.
  • Each time an order is placed, you get a real-time notification on your device.
  • Real-time order confirmation, instant customer satisfaction.
  • Convenient – they can order food from wherever they are.
  • No Busy lines – While taking orders directly through online customers never get a busy line.
  • No misunderstanding – they can order online so there is no chance for misplacing of orders.
  • Order Confirmation – Admin can confirm their order instantly.

Pricing: Free Download

restaurant ordering app free BY BEE

4. [Paid] A restaurant ordering system for Android

As you may know, in the US, over 128 million smartphone users have Android devices. Your customers are among them. Increase the number of orders using a completely new sales channel.

  • Unbelievably fast ordering
  • Customize your restaurant app
  • Online payments
  • More orders with push notifications
  • Restaurant app for chains

Pricing: $49 - $169/ month/restaurant

restaurant ordering app free-up-menu

5. Restaurant Order Receiving App Free Download

You can get online orders via the mobile app very easy. Wherever you will be you will know get order notification. You confirm order or dismiss an order right away.

  • Manage menus easily without any prior knowledge
  • Receiving orders via Mobile App
  • Order food online while chatting with your friends
  • Sale reports
  • Setup your delivery zone
  • Build your menu
  • Run powerful promotions
  • Set multiple taxes for the customers

Pricing: Free Download

6. [Paid] Mobile Food Ordering App by Restro

RestroApp is a food-industry focused solution that offers feature-rich and powerful mobile apps to empower restaurants with an unmatched digital presence in a mobile-first world. Enhance online food ordering experience for your customers with your mobile food ordering app

  • Menu Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Loyalty Program
  • Refer and Earn
  • Multi-Branch
  • Admin Mobile App

Pricing: $79-$179/ Month

6 restaurant ordering app free

7. [Paid] Online Food Ordering App By Limetray

Unlock your brand’s full potential with your mobile app. Stand out with content unique to your brand and allow customers to order food online, reserve tables or book event tickets through the app.

  • App-Only Offers
  • Image-based Menus
  • Order Tracking
  • In-app Feedback

Pricing: Not Given

8. [Paid] help customers find you. The app will help customers to order right from your website, Google Search, Google Maps and more.

  • Customized online menu for direct ordering
  • Customer-friendly features like easy reordering and group ordering
  • Custom orderable site
  • Pick-up, curbside, and delivery
  • Reorders
  • Group orders
  • POS integration

Pricing: 1.5% per order

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