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5 Facial Recognition Applications To Improve Airport

More and more facial recognition in airports shows effectiveness and accuracy. Let’s check 5 facial recognition applications to improve airports

1. Facial Recognition In Airports For Safety & Security​

2. Enhance Passenger Journey​

3. Make Operation Smoothly​

4. Android Apps & Window Apps​

5. Intelligent Analytics.​

1. Facial Recognition In Airports For Safety & Security

Giga biometric facial recognition improves security and assists safety and privacy. It can be integrated with thousands of cameras to search for missing people, to identify criminals and terrorists.

facial recognition in airports safe and security

2. Enhance Passenger Journey​

Reduce friction, waiting time for passengers’ journeys! Moreover, private opt-in biometrics for security can enhance passenger satisfaction and provide better experiences for them.
Besides, you can automate entry at VIP parking lots and lounges, etc.

facial recognition in airports

3. Make Operation Smoothly​

Giga’s facial recognition can improve passenger movement throughout the airport. Also, you can manage secure-access points for better movement of staff and other sellers.
Integrated with deeper analytics, it helps you understand traffic flows, demographics, and behaviors. Thanks to this, you can improve services and maximize revenue.


4. Android Apps & Window Apps​

With a face recognition attendance app, you can put an external PC with a Camera on it and configure it, and you can control all the stuff easily.

face recognition for attendance system

5. Intelligent Analytics.​

The Giga face recognition airport security comes with data and analytics that helps you identify threat patterns. Thanks to this, your team is always ready for the next time.

Integrate with Existing Infrastructure.

Gigasource Facial recognition attendance software can be integrated with existing cameras, VMS, access control, and communications system that are commonly used in airports.

face recognition in airports hardware

Custom Facial Recognition

Giga facial recognition system help to identify terrorism, theft, violent crime, meanwhile also offer personalized service and secure personal identity authentication.
It is the fastest, most scalable and flexible solution available, offering a mobile app, hardware capabilities and more.

custom solution

How Face Recognition Works In The Airport

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