Brand Assets &

Below are the building blocks for our brand. While this page is here to get you started



This is our primary logo. Note the horizontal lockup.


When the primary logo doesn’t fit your composition, use the vertical lockup.


Below are examples of what not to do with Gigasource logo. They are designed to give a general overview of bad practices, and should always be adhered to.

Do not distort the logo

Do not rearrange the brandmark

Do not put text on brandmark

Ensure that Gigasource logo is never squashed or distorted. Always use the master artwork provided when using the logo to ensure accurate reproduction.

Please maintain the relative position of the brandmark to the logotype.

Never use text on brandmark. This will make the logo disappear in the background and lose energy generated.

Do not change the colors of the logotype

Do not use logotype alone

When using the logo, do not change the color. Select the correct logo version following the background color.

Logotype should never be used without our brandmark


On light backgrounds, use our full-color logo.

On a dark background, use our colorful logo with white and orange text.

On an orange background use our white logo with white text.

Color Palette

The Gigasource color palette has been created to allow maximum flexibility and give a strong set of colors for use. These colors have also been used to create the corporate and product logo.


Primary colors, as you may have noticed, are used in the logo and should also be used to attract attention to something of importance. For example: Lorax is often used for primary CTAs, and Calypso indicates that something is clickable.


Dark grays are primarily used for copy and background colors.


Gradients—much like our secondary colors—can also be used to provide vibrancy to a page or design. Use these energetic color combinations to break up white space and add depth to a design.

Be cognizant of not overusing gradients, using flat secondary colors as a fallback.


Priority should be given to Cyntho Pro titles, and then Helvetica Neue. Both fonts require an appropriate license. If you do not have one, you may use Arial.

Brand Usage & Trademarks

The trademarks (“Marks”) and logo images (“Logos”) displayed on this page are the property of Gigasource. Any uses of Gigasource logos and/or Gigasource trademarks should link back to You may use Gigasource Marks and Logos under the following conditions:


  • Spell and capitalize trademarks exactly as they are shown in the Trademarks section below. E.g., always capitalize the first letter “G” and leave no space between “Giga” and “source”.
  • You may not alter Logos in any way except pixel dimensions, which must always be in the same proportions as the original image provided in the Logos section. All Marks in reduced-size Logos must remain clearly identifiable and readable.
  • You may not use Logos in any manner that represents or implies any affiliation with or endorsement by Gigasource when no such affiliation or endorsement has been formally established in writing with Gigasource.
  • Gigasource reserves the right to determine what constitutes improper or inappropriate use of Gigasource Marks and Logos. You agree to correct any improper/inappropriate use of Gigasource Marks and Logos, or to cease using the same upon notification from Gigasource.