Case Study 1: Point-of-sale (POS) For Retail


Point-of-sale for retail system development


Gigaorder GmbH

Project Description


Gigaorder GmbH is a German-based POS system provider, offering a complete solution including both hardware and software to small and medium retail stores across Europe. Our job was designing, coding from scratch a complete cash registering software matching our client’s hardware specifications. We strive to create a software that feature a user-friendly design with clear navigation for daily usage. 

Project challenge

Instead of opting for an existing POS solution available on the market, Gigaorder decided they needed a better, more efficient solution that can be customized for the local market (Germany) and at the same time, easily adapted to meet more demanding markets’ requirements (North America and other European countries). In order to lower initial hardware and maintenance cost, Android was their operating system of choice since Android devices tends to be much more compact and economical than traditional Windows solutions. 

During the development process, we have successfully achieved the goal

Simple, User-friendly Interface

A simple, user-friendly navigation yet still packed with enough functionality

Fully Compatible with Various Hardware

Compatibility with various hardware including cash drawers, barcode scanners, printers and credit card readers.

Cloud Service With Data Reporting

A cloud service with data reporting to reduce maintenance cost, eliminate the burden of running a back-office server.

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