Facial Recognition Attendance System

Facial recognition attendance system with fast speed and high accuracy. We offer FREE face attendance app for download

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We offer face recognition app for android free download. 

Extreme Fast & Accurate​

Our free custom facial recognition is powered by unique biometric data to make sure that staff must be physically present at the clocking station. Without any special equipment, our facial recognition solution turns a standard Android tablet/smartphone into a cost-effective clocking station.

real time face recognition multiple faces
facial recognition attendance system cloud based

Cloud-Based Facial Recognition

Giga Facial Recognition for Attendance System is cloud-based, which eliminates the concern of either hardware or software maintenance. Your data is secured, fully processed on our servers and can be easily accessed on any devices with an internet connection.

Multiple Face Detection

Face recognition software development solutions can detect and recognize the faces of all the people seen in the picture at the same time.

facial recognition attendance system multiple faces
real time face recognition

Real-time face detection

Giga face detection recognition & tracking system can detect who passes by without stopping and waiting while the camera takes a picture.

Online &
Offline mode

No matter how there is an internet connection in your workplace or not, our custom facial recognition for attendance is fully functional even in offline mode. Your data will be synchronized once the device is back online.

facial recognition attendance system multiple usage
free facial recognition attendance system multiple usage

Set a range of check-in, checkout limit

You can set a range of check-in limits, e.g. from 6:30 AM to 12:00 PM, and set range for check out, e.g from 12:00 PM to 14:00 PM.

Mobile App & Window App

If you are looking for face recognition mobile app or window app, here is the right place. With face recognition app, you can put an external PC with Camera on it and configure it, and you can control all the stuff easily.

facial recognition attendance system by gigasource with mobile app
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Comprehensive Report

Prepare your timesheet without a calculator and save hours every payroll period. The custom facial recognition software automatically counts attendance & total work hour and identifies errors, including missed clock-ins or clock-outs. Also, you can print a daily report of attendance, and individual report of each employee.

Gender, Age & Emotion Recognition

Expand your data of your audience and potential customers. Giga face recognition can recognize gender with 99% accuracy.

facial recognition attendance system for free download
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