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Top 5 Face Recognition Attendance Software – Free & Premium

Are you looking for facial recognition for attendance software

As you may know, face recognition attendance software can help you deal with a variety of tasks such as:

  • Employee attendance: time tracking, admission, and identity verification
  • Recognize regular customers at the doorstep
  • School attendance
  • Church attendance
  • Count unique visitors and get the data you can rely on

Let's check 5 Face Recognition Attendance Software below:

1. Custom Face Recognition Attendance Software by Gigasource

You need this AI-powered facial recognition attendant system in order to:

  • Improve productivity, access control, time management
  • Welcome guest fast for your event
  • Collect statistics on unique visitors & potential customers to
  • Increase conversion rate and turn them into your loyal customers
  • Verify passport photo belongs to a visitors

Giga Custom facial recognition attendance system will be a perfect choice. This face recognition for attendance system comes with fast speed and high accuracy: AI-powered, real-time reports, smart face detection, online & offline mode.


  • Speedup 0.2s & Up to 95% Accuracy
  • Multiple Face Detection
  • Real-time face detection
  • Mobile App & Window App
  • Set a range of check-in, checkout limit
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Cloud-Based Facial Recognition
  • Online & Offline Mode


Free trial

How Face Recognition Powered By AI Technology

2. Face Recognition For Attendance by Findface

Recognize loyal customers at the doorstep faster and easily. Make their visit as enjoyable and productive from the first sight. The face recognition attendance software can boost their loyalty without issuing loyalty cards, and view their visits statistics over the entire archive storage period.


  • Real-time Search
  • Access Control
  • Statistics Collection
  • Search in video archives
  • Gender, Age, Emotion Recognition
  • Search Speed
  • Face Liveness
  • Recognition Technology
  • Visitor Counting Accuracy


Based on your requirements

3. Face Recognition for Attendance by FaceX

Face Recognition help to identify employee attendance. Thanks to this, you can improve productivity, take labor protection, access control, and time management


  • Low Latency for recognition
  • Scalable at an economical rate
  • No Cropping of Images required


$7-$25/ 1 month

facex face recognition attendance system

4. Facial Recognition By Facefirst

Use face recognition to instantly validate an employee or multiple employees at multiple locations( entrance or access control points)


  • Validate employee identities at entrances and access control points.
  • Deliver true role-based access to sensitive data
  • Manage access to secure areas and data for visitors


Based on requirements

5. Facial Recognition Software by Visagetechnologies

This software comes with fast and accurate facial recognition in milliseconds – both online and offline.


  • Fast and lightweight
  • Platform & device-independent
  • Easy to integrate
  • Privacy assured


Based on your requirements.

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