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6 Ways Face Recognition Can Benefit Your Retail Stores

Are you looking for ways of optimizing Facial Recognition in retail stores?

As you may know, face recognition technology can increase sales and reduce costs for your retail store.

In this post, I will share with you how to optimize facial recognition in retail stores

1. Count unique & loyal visitors and get the data you can rely on

Face recognition help you identify new visitors. Thanks to this, you can increase your conversion rate and turn strangers into loyal customers. Face technology can allow you to count how many unique visitors in real-time or by a report by day, week, month or years. Based on the data, you can harness your loyalty program.


2. Provide exquisite service to your VIPs

Likewise, the facial recognition attendance system can recognize important people, VIP customers or loyal customers right after they enter your retail store. And then, you can provide exquisite services and increase the purchase amount or offering their favorite items.
Bring your customer satisfaction to the next level!

3. Facial Recognition in retail stores to understand your customers better

Face recognition software helps you collect more complete information about your customers, their experiences and purchasing behaviors. Specifically, it can analyze visit history, purchasing history. Hence, you can remind them for those items or display them on personalized cloud based digital signage screen

The face recognition software can be integrated with other loyalty software, CRM and cash register to increase your sales.

facial recognition retail analytics

4. Expand your knowledge of the target audience & target ads better

As soon as your customers enter your store, you can know your customers: age, gender, and purchasing behavior. Thanks to this, you can build and evaluate your marketing strategy efficiently and determine your target customers.

With insight analytics, you can boost marketing efficiency. It helps you to tailor your ads to specific customers. As a result, your sales can increase significantly.

5. Minimize losses caused by unscrupulous customers

As you can see, up to 50 percentage of unscrupulous customer returns to the store. In order to minimize losses caused by violators, the system’s server can be integrated with facial recognition technology.
Violators’ images can be taken during the theft or from the CCTV. And the system will recognize them and notifies the security personnel.

6. Use Facial Recognition in retail stores to prevent theft and shoplifters

Thanks to AI technology, it can recognize faces of theft and shoplifter in the video or camera. When a matched face is found, the recognition system will alert security officers before the theft take action and leave. With face recognition technology, retails stores can prevent theft and shoplifters and reduce losses.

Let's see how facial recognition technology moving into retail stores

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