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7 Ways Face Recognition Can Benefit School

1. Fast & Accuracy Attendance Tracking

Previously, attendance tracking is a time-consuming process for schools and universities. With facial recognition in school, faculty and the students spend only a few minutes of each class recording attendance. Facial recognition technology offers a streamlined and automatic way with high-security rate.

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2. Automatic and Seamless Verification Experience

There is no need to wait in turn for checking like fingerprinting or other security measures, facial recognition for attendance system offers a quick, automatic, and seamless verification experience.

3. Detech Crime

As you may know, one of the main advantages of facial recognition technology is safety and security. You can use facial recognition in school to uncover criminals or to find missing children or seniors.

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4. Learning Engagement.

Facial recognition technology can be programmed to recognize a wide range of nonverbal expressions and emotions. Through this, a professor can assess the emotion levels of the class to determine the parts of his lecture that are the most exciting and engaging, or where students’ attention appears to diminish. In this way, every unique face can function like a uniquely identifiable thumbprint that also speaks, through verbal and nonverbal data.

5. Attendance Statistic with Live Analytics.

AI facial recognition technology can scan video feeds for signs of weapons; then analytics tools will warn the security team if there is suspicious movement in a usually-empty hallway.

6. Mobile Face Recognition App

  • Identify guests using any Android or iOS phone
  • Upload new profile images from anywhere, any time

7. Easy To Plug Into Existing Systems

Our facial recognition comes with flexible SDK and robust APIs that allow you to integrate it with any third-party hardware or access control system.

How Facial Recognition In School Works

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