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Our cash register systems are designed for different business models according to the needs of each customer. The vivid, easy-to-see interface makes all operations easier and more accurate wether your employees are tech-savvy or not.

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Software Features


Capatible with any hardware

No installation and no specific hardware required. Customizable interface on any device from industrial machines to even your mobile phones.


Automate processes

Create customer order requests right on the handset and can immediately transfer them to the cooking department.


Advanced cloud computing technology

You can sell even when the Internet is interrupted or the server has a problem, all sales information will be synchronized when the Internet connection works again.

Discover How You Can Attract Extra 100 to 500+ Customers A Month Without Time Consuming

Specialized Management
Softwares for Restaurants

Manage menus, invoices, table reservations
Rest assured when being absent from the store because you can still see the sales report and keep track of all activities
Monitor the service status of each employee: waiter, cashier, chef, kitchen assistant, supervisor, etc
Accurate control of the number of items in stock

Continuously update the revenue of each branch in real time

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Online Order System

Simple – Fast – Highly Effective

Step 1

Customers order food at your website or your app

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Step 2

Orders will be immediately notified to the system

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Step 3

Prepare goods & deliver to your customers

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Step 4

Manage all the orders and customize as you like

“Online business during the epidemic season without losing transit fees”

We Offer a Wide Range of Technologies

Jadoo is a branch specializing in providing reputable, secure, and qualified technology products to serve individually owned establishment/restaurant chains worldwide.


A brand that wants to be successful must have a professional and practical website.


What was your rank compared to other competitors? How can you increase your store’s rank?


Digital menu is not only a temporary solution during the pandemic, in fact,


Currently, there are too many POS software products on the market but none of them work well…

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