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Gigasource’s mission is to provide intelligent and innovative solutions, consider loyal relationships with customers as an integral part of success, empowering people, and promoting benefits to society. 

Our Partner Program was developed as a unique business alliance program to add harmony and balance among businesses in order to build and maintain a qualified worldwide network of value-added resellers, consulting firms, training providers, enterprise software/solutions providers, data providers and system integrators to ensure a successful market and delivery of complete process control solutions to targeted industries.



Referral Partners are typically consulting or technology based companies which understand the benefits our solution can bring to their customers or other companies within their network, thus recommending it to them.

When opportunities are identified, Referral Partners contact Gigasource, which will then conduct the next steps in the sales process.

Referral Partners earn referral fees for sales that result from any new lead they generate.


Value Added Reseller

Value Added Resellers are international industry leaders which want to add value to their current products and/or services portfolio, extending their solution with part of Gigasource product portfolio.

Gigasource products become part of their solution package.



Gigasource Resellers resell all or part of Gigasource product portfolio. Along with a team or a business unit which primary focus is selling Gigasource solutions, they are responsible for the whole sales life cycle, and also for providing professional services to support training, implementation, technical support and maintenance of the products.



Distributor Partners represent Gigasource in a country or region. They resell all or part of our product suite, generally through a network of sales partners. They are responsible for developing, supporting (including marketing campaigns) and monitoring processes.

They are also responsible for providing product localization (translation) to their region or country and professional services to support training, implementation, technical support and maintenance of the products, directly or through their sales partners.