A complete visitor tracking and analyzing solution

Deliver digital analysis to brick-and-motar world by the power of facial recognition technology

Visitor Counting

Accurately obtain people counting data in your store and optimize your management decisions.

View Time Tracking

Know how long your customers spend on viewing your products.

Gender detection

Precisely categorize your customers’ gender.

Age detection

Estimate the age of customers as they are approaching. Determine if your products actually attracts the intended audiences or not.

Advanced reporting

Provide custom reports in a variety of formats and options.

Retention counting

Detect whether a customer is a retention or not and how many times he/she has returned to your store.

Measure effectiveness through
meaningful report


How Visitor Analyzer transforms different industries


  • Measure visitor/viewer
  • Analyze demographic data
  • Retention rate
  • Evaluate Marketing Campaign effectiveness (cuisine, membership, promotion ….)


  • Measure viewer
  • Estimate average viewtime
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness
  • Analyze demographic data
  • Retention rate
  • Identify popular area

Retail &

  • Measure visitor/viewer
  • Analyze demographic data
  • Retention rate
  • Detect unattractive products
  • Evaluate store performance

Library &

  • Measure visitor/viewer 
  • Estimate average viewtime 
  • Optimize popular area

Shopping Mall

  • Measure visitor/viewer
  • Analyze demographic data
  • Measure retention rate
  • Evaluate attraction area

Event &

  • Measure visitor/viewer
  • Determine hotspot
  • Marketing Campaign evaluation
  • Estimate average viewtime

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